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You are a part of the SUthern INKspressions as a member of my Stampin’ Up! team of demonstrators Level 1-3. 
You may be a part of 3 different teams depending on your level within the team. 
I hope that when I send an email to you, or ideas online it only serves as inspiration and ideas for your hobby or business. You are always allowed to come to my events, when space is available for an altered price. Otherwise, I am available to you, in all levels, to help & support you how I can along with your upline(s). Our team is made up of those of you who purchase for a discount and those who reach for their set business goals. 
If you are looking for general help and want a topic covered on this website or by email, please let me know,
I will do my best to research and provide you with help.  
Be sure to also take advantage of
Stampin’ University and Stampin’ Success magazine for additional help and training.



  1. It’s shaping up, Mary Anne! Good for you!!

  2. Looking good!

  3. Helen Patterson

    I finally got around to setting up my password. I’ll be checking in regularly. Helen Anne

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